Newborn Session FAQs

Why Do You Only Photograph Newborn Sessions During The First Twelve Days?

I have learned that photographing a newborn during the first twelve days of life is crucial to getting the images everyone loves of their baby sounds asleep. After this time period has passed, babies do not sleep quite as well, or as deeply as we need them to for newborn images. Newborns also gain quite a bit of muscle control rather fast. Catching them before this happens is important in being able to pose them as we wish.

I Just Found Your Studio, But My Newborn Is Past The Twelve Day Mark – Can I Still Schedule A Newborn Session?

Absolutely! I will absolutely photography babies at any age. I just would like you to be prepared that after the twelve day mark, your session will be a little different and the result may not be exactly the same as a traditional newborn session. (But, you will still be thrilled with the outcome! ☺ ).

I Had A C-Section, I Am Worried That A Newborn Session Will Be Too Strenuous.

Don’t worry. What I like to tell all new moms is this – “Just get here, I will do the rest!” I have a nice comfy couch in the studio where you can relax, take a nap, whatever you would like, during the session. Once you’re here the only time we need you is for feeding – which, you don’t have to move for. ☺ Once you’re here I can promise you will not need to move and you will have all the images you would like and more.

What Should I Expect During A Newborn Session?

  1. Please hold off on feeding baby until you arrive to the studio. To get those adorable sleeping baby pictures / poses we all love, the baby needs to be sound asleep. I have found it is best to have mom feed them when they arrive and then soothe them to sleep. (If you are breastfeeding and need privacy, I have a spare room you can use for feeding).
  2. While you are feeding, I will set up the area we will be photographing in. This area is completely climate controlled the entire session to keep baby warm. I take baby safety very seriously, so any steps I need to take to make sure everything is on hand for the session will be done before you arrive.
  3. When you get here, I will also ask you to remove their diaper. You can keep it “on”, but I will ask for the tabs to be undone. This allows their skin to breathe so we don’t end up with marks in the portraits. (No worries, if they end up with some, I can remove them… I just like to prevent them as much as possible).
  4. The majority of the session will be done with the baby nude. Please know, I am fully prepared and honestly, expect, the baby to make a mess on the backdrops and blankets. It is okay. ???? I fully wash everything after each session. This is the nature of newborn photography. ????
  5. I will work slowly. Keeping the baby in a full, deep, sleep is necessary to get those adorable poses. Please clear your schedule for up to four hours. The session may not take this full time, but I always clear my calendar for it. The baby may wake during the middle of the session and need a second feeding. That is okay. I am patient, we work on their schedule.
  6. If you have anything you would like in the pictures, please bring it with you. If you know ahead of time the colors of any props you will be bringing, I would love a heads up so I can have coordinating backdrops / blankets pulled. Think about anything that is special to you, your significant other or family. If dad is in a uniformed profession – we can incorporate a piece of that. If someone gave you a blanket that means something special, bring it. If you have accessories you just LOVE, we can incorporate those too. These pictures are once in a lifetime, I want them to fully reflect the nature of the family this new and sweet little life has been blessed into. ????
  7. If you have any questions or concerns at any time before, during or after the session, please do not hesitate to ask. I want every parent to be 100% comfortable the entire time.
  8. This session is reserved specifically for the newborn being photographed. While I love all children, please make arrangements for siblings to stay with family or friends during the session. Newborn photography is a very specialized type and requires my full attention and a quiet environment. Thank you for understanding.